What is a photographer’s block? And why is it important to go through it.

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Photographer’s block is a time when one struggles to produce the kind of work one wants to. One struggles to find the beauty in his/her own work, feels unappreciative of their own work. It’s when the weight of the subject kills you inside and you want to break free from all restrictions. Happens to everyone, happens in every field and Yes, you are not alone.

©Rohit Vohra 2017 ~ Leica M10

Why is it important?

For starters, you should know beginner’s never get photographer’s block 🙂

Photographer’s block means you are becoming more picky and selective of your work and what you share. Which means you are concentrating on quality over quantity. With so many photographs being shared online, and the viewers suffering from visual fatigue, you being selective is a good sign.

Photographer’s block also helps you as it provides you with the much needed break, which in turn gives you time to do other things that you enjoy. Go watch a movie, enjoy a stroll with your spouse (without the camera), take time out for the kids.

It’s in this period that you think, analyse and figure out what is more important to you. It’s an understanding phase, a thinking phase which is important for any creative person. It’s the time for self discovery.

It’s also the time when you acknowledge the mistakes you are making, acknowledging mistakes is the first step to success. You can only face your fears if you know them.

©Rohit Vohra 2017 ~ Leica M10

It’s in this phase that you work harder cause things don’t come easy. You spend the time to educate yourself. You strengthen your work, you become more resilient.

Don’t fear the photographer’s block. You need to know photographer’s block is self imposed and you are yourself responsible for it. You just need to go out eventually, photograph despite of your fears. Talking to photographer friends is always helpful. Sometimes it only takes one photograph to change everything. Will be writing tips on how to deal with it soon. Stay tuned.

Face the photographer’s block with grace. Photograph more to change it.

By Leica Ambassador, Rohit Vohra @rohit_apf

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