Leica One-on-One Workshop, Delhi

One day


Seats Available

This workshop is customised to the needs of a Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced Photographer.

Please contact us for bookings and enquiries.

Leica Akademie India offers customised one-on-one workshops for individuals who wish to learn photography in a personal setting.

Dates and schedules for one-on-one workshops can be arranged with the participant upon registration and confirmation based on availability of mentors. Minimum 1 day and maximum 4 day registration is required. Each day will have approximately 6-8 hours session depending on needs and requirements.

Leica Akademie one-on-one workshops are instructed by Vineet Vohra and Rohit Vohra. Workshop includes intensive street photography courses photo essay/project workshops across the world. Available for beginners, intermediate or advanced photographers.

Participant can choose the mentor of his/her choice and check for availablity on the specified dates. Mentors are based in Delhi and price is all inclusive for One-on-one workshop based in Delhi. In case of any travel, the charges will be borne by the participant for the Mentor.

For enquiries on our personal one-on-one workshops, contact us at contact@leica-akademie.in

*Fees are for workshop only, non-refundable, and do not include travel, accommodation and miscellaneous expenses.