Online Mentorship Program, six months


Seats Available

The Leica Akademie India offers online mentorship program, a course that allow students to learn photography anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. Whether you want to pursue your passion or start a new career, we have the photography course for you. Student will have access to both Vineet and Rohit Vohra during the course. They will help and guide you through this journey.


This online mentorship is a comprehensive program that will teach you how to take control of your camera. You will learn the nuances of exposure, handling light and how to apply yourself. Learn the art of composition, that will make you familiar to how professional photographers create that magical shot in fleeting conditions.

The course offers an introduction to a wide variety of different photographic genres – fashion, food, portraits, photo journalism and street photography.

Throughout the course you will complete photo projects and submit them online to be reviewed by the mentors. By the time you complete the program, you’ll have the confidence and skills to turn your passion for photography into a full or part-time career.


The 6 month program will enable the students to:


  1. Have a keen eye towards seeing subjects, which will enrich them even further to have a unique signature.


  1. Know exposure, get familiar with their equipment and how to apply these in different conditions


  1. Learn the skills of compositions, and learn how to have blend between content & composition


  1. Discover which path of photography one should get in wether it’s photo journalism, street, product, wedding, fashion etc.


  1. How to use the manual mode and master the skill to combat different lighting situations.


  1. The most crucial on how to make money with his or her camera in different genres.


  1. Develop skills to turn photography into a career as photographer has to have different roles to play to create success.


  1. Will learn skills that will enhance his or her photography, the work flow and image editing.


This will be a six month online course which will have 12 online sessions of one hour each (twice in a month) & inclusion of special 2 hour session for final presentation.

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